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  • Soudal Glass & Mirror Cleaner 1 Litre



    Glass & Mirror Cleaner – A perfumed, non smearing cleaning agent that dries without any streaks. The cleaner works effectively on most types of glass, mirrors, plastics and other hard surfaces.

    – No streaks
    – Fast drying
    – Ready to use (no mixing required)
    – Non-smearing
    – Perfumed
    – Multi-purpose use


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  • Everbuild Multi Use Wonder Wipes Spray



    Everbuild Multi-Use Wonder Wipes Spray is the ideal cleaning solution for large surface areas. By applying the spray alongside Everbuild Paper Wipe Rolls or alternatively, Multi-Use Wonder Wipes. Wonder Wipes Spray is also ideal for keeping uPVC door and window frames looking immaculately clean. The solution used in this Spray bottle is identical to the same as that which our Multi-Use Wonder Wipes are soaked in, so you can rest assured it has the same cleaning power as the Nation’s No.1 Builders Wipe.


    – Contains a powerful anti-bacterial additive.
    – Works on most common substrates, tools and hands.
    – Ideal for all trades including painters, joiners and window installers


    The Everbuild Wonder Wipes range comes in a number of different options, which can all be found below on our website

    Everbuild Wonder Wipes (100 wipes)
    Everbuild Giant Wipes (300 wipes)
    Everbuild Monster Wipes (500 wipes)
    Everbuild Heavy-Duty Wonder Wipes (75 wipes)

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  • C-Tec Miracle Seal



    C-Tec Miracle Seal seals leaks instantly and is a permanent solution whilst remaining in the system. It contains lubrication and anti-corrosion additives and is used for sealing leaks in Domestic and Automotive situations.

    Prevents Leaks & Seals

    Does not clog, Contains anti-corrosion and lubricating additives.


    Non-Compressed Canister 250ml, sufficient for 25 litres of coolant.

    Basis: Water
    Physical condition: Granular liquid with high viscosity.
    Colour: Orange-brown
    Neutral PH


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  • Soudal Sealant Remover 400ml



    Soudal’s Sealant Remover is a ready to use rapid spray, based on hydrocarbons for removing cured silicone and MS polymers.

    – Fast acting
    – Does not drip
    – Specifically for silicones and MS polymers


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  • C-Tec Multisolve 500ml



    MULTISOLVE – A safe, fast multipurpose solvent degreaser. Leaving no oily film, MULTISOLVE is 100% aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent that is free from recycled solvents.

    • Ideal for a first treatment for paints and adhesives.
    • The safest solution for paintwork.
    • Removes adhesives and sealants, along with oils, greases, wax, tar, etc.
    • Does not leave an oily film.
    • Fast, safe and thorough degreasing.
    • Suitable for use on painted surfaces, as well as vinyl, glass, rubber and plastics.
    • Fast drying.


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  • C-Tec Super Fast Plus Activator


    Superfast Activator – Developed to seal porous materials for incredible bonding with Super Fast Plus Superglue.
    Superfast Activator has been specifically developed to seal a range of porous materials including wood, leather and stone, including many others.
    By using the Super Fast Activator alongside the Super Fast Plus Superglue, you will be able to create instant bonds.


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  • Cromar Alpha Chem Line Marking Paint 700ml


    Cromar Alpha Chem Line Marking Paint is a solvent based spray applied, line marking paint – quick drying (30 minutes) and semi permanent. Ideal for spot marking for contractors on roads, factory and warehousing floors etc., as well as for grass applications.


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