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Mapei UltraColor Plus Grout 2KG


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Weight : 2.1 kg

Colour : Anthracite, Beige, Black, Brown, Caramel, Jasmine, White, Cement Grey, Chocolate, Manhattan, Medium Grey, Silver Grey, Vanilla

Product Description:


Mapei Ultracolor Plus Tile Grout is a quick-setting and drying tile grout for grouting joints from 2 to 20 mm wide. Comes in 2kg and 5kg bags, the 5kg bag can be found here. Can be used internally and externally for grouting floors and walls in all types of ceramic. For instance, double-fired, single-fired, clinker, porcelain, etc.), terracotta, stone material, such as natural stone, marble, granite & agglomerates. Similarly with glass and marble mosaic.

Application examples

– For grouting floors and walls that are subject to high levels of traffic (airports, shopping centres, restaurants, bars, etc.).
– Applying to walls & floors in residential areas (hotels, private houses, etc.).
– Similarly, with grouting floors and walls on façades, balconies and on swimming pools.


Ultracolor Plus creates a grouting mortar with the following features:

– Water-repellent and droplet-effect
– Colours resistant to ultra-violet rays and atmospheric agents
– After roughly 3 hours, ready for light foot traffic.
– After that is shrinkage compensated, therefore free from cracks

Therefore it has optimum resistance to abrasion, compression and flexural strength, even after freeze/thaw cycles, and therefore optimum durability. In addition, it has good resistance to acids with pH > 3.


– Ultracolor Plus does not contain Portland cement and must not be mixed with gypsum or other binders.
– Use the product at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.
– To avoid an uneven finish, we do not recommend sprinkling Ultracolor Plus powder onto the filled grout joints.
– Do not use Ultracolor Plus grout in expansion and movement joints.
– In conclusion, the surface of certain tiles or stone material may have micro-porosity or a rough surface. We advise carrying out a preliminary test to check how easy it is to clean the surface where necessary to apply a protective treatment to the surface. In other words, this is to ensure the grout does not penetrate into the surface porosity of the tiles.

Matching silicone available here. Alternatively, if you are looking at revving your current grout, we offer the Mapei Fuga Fresca, ideal for dulling grout to be brought back to life.

For more information on this product, visit the Mapei website here.