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Mapei Fuga Fresca – Grout Reviver (26 Colours)


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Weight : .200 kg

Dimensions : N/A

Colour : Anthracite, Black, Brown, Caramel, Jasmine, Manhattan Grey, White, beige 2000, Cement Grey, Chocolate, Coral Red, Golden Dust, Medium Grey, Moon White, Mud, Sand, Silk, Silver Grey, Space blue, Terra Di Siena, Terracotta, Tornado, Turquoise, Vanilla, Volcano Sand, Yellow

Product Description:

Mapei Fuga Fresca

Mapei Fuga Fresca grout reviver is designed to be the perfect product for giving old and stained grout that new look finish. The Fuga comes in a small, blue handheld, shoe polish style case with a foam applicator end. A shake and a squeeze will fill the foam end with the Fuga paint ready for application.

During application, there can be some overlay onto the tiles (or another surface that the grout in between). This can be cleaned off, but we recommend that you do so as you go, so it doesn’t have time to dry. A good cleaning product would be Everbuild wonder wipes, that can be found here, or you can use a damp sponge. As it is water based, any residue will be easy to remove providing this is done as the product is applied.


Areas of use, simply put, any internal grout, it is not recommended for external grout or any grout that is constantly immersed in water, i.e. swimming pools, basins etc. Epoxy grout is an exception as it is already stain proof. It would also be advised not to use the Fuga Fresca on friable grout, anything loose or not crumbly, as it simply won’t work. If after the first application the colour difference between the original grout and the first coat of Fuga, it may be the case of needing an additional coat to strengthen the colour. This only works on grout, please do not use on silicone.


Ensure that the joints are free from loose parts, dirt and any mould free. Once cleaned, the grout joint needs to be dry before the application of the Fuga Fresca and after the application any overlay on the tiles to be removed as mentioned above. Once finished with the Fuga Fresca, it’s advised to thoroughly clean the sponge end; this can be done by running it under a tap.


Available in 34 colours of the “MAPEI coloured grouts” range to match the AC silicone range, which you can view here. Alternately, these colours also match the Mapei Ultracolor Plus grout range, that can be found here.


Twenty-four months from manufacture date, sealed in its original container stored under normal conditions, protect from frost.


Please refer to the safety and technical data sheet for more information on the safety instructions, and applications.

Furthermore, for more information on this product, please visit the Mapei website here.