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CM 200 PF Fast Cure


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Weight : 6 kg

Colour : Black, Grey

Product Description:

CM 200 PF Fast Cure

CM200 PF Fast Cure is a two-part sealant that is used for several sealing areas. Most commonly used for sealing expansion joints, due to the advantages of the CM 200 PF it can be used for sealing joints in concrete paved areas, docks, container depots, industrial factories, warehousing petrol forecourts. CM200 PF can be cold applied, so ideal for small works, such as remedial re-sealing of joints.


  • High-performance good movement accommodation, tolerant of severe climatic conditions.
  • Chemical Resistant to spillages of fuels, hydraulic fluids, synthetic and mineral oils, and dilute acids and alkalis.
  • Hand pour or machine/sealant gun application to joint.
  • Non-Toxic Sealant.
  • ISO 9002 Quality Assured Firm -BS5212. 1990 Type N – ISO 11600-F-25LM
  • High Adherence
  • Cure Time 20 to 30 mins.

Cure Time

The life of the tin is 20 to 30 minutes at 25C, this is affected, but the outside temperature and the sealant temperature. Final cure, when full working properties are developed, occurs within two days at 25C, although the sealant will normally bear traffic within 2 hours of application. Higher temperature will result in a faster cure time; low temperatures will result in longer cure time. Do not apply at temperatures below 4C.


Ensure that the joint is clean, free from dust and dirt. The joint should also be dry; any contaminant should be removed, the previous sealant, if re-sealing is taking place, must all be removed. If you are backing the joint with backer foam strip, ensure the backer strip is bonded to the base of the joint and proceed to apply. Priming of the surface should be done once the joint is cleaned, the joint faces should be primed with the appropriate primer. CM Primer C is recommended.

CM 200 PF Mixing and Application

Open Pack B and empty the contents into Pack A – Stir for five minutes, preferably using a slow speed electric drill with a mixer paddle, the mix is one. Take care to avoid including excess air. Pour or gun apply immediately into the primed joint. Current practice requires that the sealant shall be poured to a level between 3mm (Summer) and 6mm (Winter) below the wearing concrete surface.

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