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Everbuild General Purpose Silicone


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Weight : 0.4 kg

Dimensions : 25 × 5 × 5 cm

Colour : Black, Brown, Grey, Translucent, White

Product Description:

Everbuild General Purpose Silicone or GP Silicone is a multi-purpose silicone sealant. GP has several uses, cures quickly and provides a permanently flexible, high strength waterproof seal.


– For sealing sanitary areas, around baths, showers and basins.
– An adhesive for cladding, panels and fixing PVC trims.
– Sealing around worktops and laminates.
– For aluminium gutter sealing.
– General draught proofing.
– Please refer to the tech data sheet for more uses of Everbuild GP.


– Permanently flexible.
– Anti-fungal formula
– Quick curing – low dirt pick up.
– Low viscosity for fast application.
– High strength waterproof seal.



All surfaces must be clean and dry with no contaminants. If the surface is porous, it may require priming – before using Everbuild General Purpose a small area should be tested first.


– Not for use in aquarium manufacturer use Aqua Mate or similar.
– Not for use on highly porous surfaces such as new concrete or stonework an Anti Leaching Sealant should be used.
– Can not be used in the vicinity of, or conjunction with the edge sealant of double glazed units. Use SILICONE 450.
– Not to be used for perimeter pointing of uPVC, use Everbuild HM60.
– Not to be used use on soft metals.
– Also, this product cannot be overpainted.