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illbruck CT113 EPDM Membrane Adhesive 5 Litre


Product details

  • Product ID: 302617BOX
  • Suitable For: the bonding of illbruck membranes.
  • Area of use: EXT
  • Application Method: brush/roller
  • Time to full cure: 20 minutes
  • Volume: 5 LTR
  • Container Type: tin
  • Type: adhesive
  • Colour: black
  • Brand: Illbruck
  • Manufactuer: Illbruck
  • Box Size: 1
Features & Benefits

illbruck CT113 EPDM Membrane Adhesive – 5 Litre

illbruck CT113 EPDM membrane adhesive is suitable for use in a variety of adhesive projects, particularly ME220 EPFM membranes such as façade applications. This high-quality adhesive can be used with a range of substrates such as wood, metal, masonry and other building materials.

CT113 is described as a viscous liquid adhesive such is comprised of a blend of resins and synthetic rubber which has been created specifically to bond illbruck EPDM membranes.

This adhesive has excellent weather-resistance, reducing the ageing effects of UV exposure and adverse weather conditions. The flexibility of this adhesive also means it accommodates a wide fluctuation in temperature from -20 up to 80 degrees. Curing within 20 minutes to form a high strength connection that withstands external impacts.

With high initial adhesion strength this product is ideal for those who work quickly and require a strong long-lasting adhesive which is easy to work with.


Before applying illbruck CT113 we always recommend carrying out a small test prior to full application, this ensures the product works properly for your project and prevents any issues further down the line. It is also recommended to degrease the material by using isopropanol before application.

All surfaces must be dry, clean and free from dirt, grease and any other particles. For porous surfaces it is recommended to use mechanical abrasion to ensure proper application of the adhesive.

Technical Data

Drying time is approx. 20 minutes, with a final adhesion strength at 24-28 hours.

Application should be above 5 degrees and below 25 degrees. Storage should be in shade, dry conditions.