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Everbuild Fireseal 300 Fire Proof


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Weight : 0.6 kg

Dimensions : 25 × 5 × 5 cm

Colour : Grey, White

size : 380ml, 600ml

Product Description:

Everbuild Fireseal 300 is a one-part, acrylic-based, intumescent sealant that gives a firm yet flexible seal. The product will resist fire passages for up to 5 hours. The selected fillers used in this formulation also make it suitable for use as an acoustic sealant. Alternative fire product from Everbuild is the Fire Seal 400 – slightly less fire-resistant time but silicone-based over the acrylic 300, making it slightly easier to apply.


– Sealing voids, irregular holes & joints in walls.
– Also, for maintaining the integrity of pipes and cables that penetrate them.
– For internal perimeter pointing of fire rated doors & windows.


When exposed to heat, this product will swell greater than 3 x it’s original size.

– No priming required for most construction substrates.
– Joint movement capability of +/- 12.5%.
– Halogen-free.
– Non-slump – therefore, it is easy to apply and tool off.
– Tack free in 15 minutes.
– Can be painted.
– In addition, this product has excellent acoustic properties for sound deadening –average noise reduction of 29dB.


All surfaces must be clean, dry and dust-free, Everbuild Wonderwipes are a great handy cleaner to use. All flaking surface coatings and old sealant should be removed before application. Everbuild Fireseal 300 does not require a primer on most common surfaces, although we recommend adhesion tests before full-scale application. However, if the joint is likely to be immersed or if adhesion is poor.


– Not for use on substrates that may bleed oils, solvents or plasticizers.
– Also, this product should not be used in glazing systems.

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