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P C Cox Easiflow Skeleton Mastic Applicator Gun


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Weight : .4 kg

Dimensions : N/A

size : Easiflow HD Skeleton Gun

Product Description:

PC Cox – Easiflow HD is a Pro Sealant Gun

PC Cox Easiflow is used by the sealant applicator professionals, and due to its low cost and robust build, it is ideal for anyone thinking about doing DIY. The PC Cox gun handles cartridges up to 400ml.

The sealant gun is known as a skeleton gun, due to its design. It is a manual application, load the cartridge into the body and pump the trigger to create the power to push the sealant out. Standard design and lightweight yet sturdy construction have made this gun the industry standard for many years. For all types of mastic sealants in cartridge tubes, this excludes any sealants in foils aka sausages. For foils, please click here.

The “Skele” gun can hold cartridges from small carts like the silicone eater 150ml to larger carts like the 380ml 825.

Pro Sealant Gun 10″ Skeleton Gun the PC Cox – Easiflow HD has a 7:1 trigger ratio. Making it the tool of choice for any caulking or sealant applications.

Welded steel, epoxy-coated frame for a strong a durable build & will be a long-lasting addition to your tool bag with a Zinc coated corrosion resistant sliding components, it is the go-to gun for the professional & DIY trades.

  • Professional, hardwearing applicator gun
  • Rotating Frame
  • Anti-drip function
  • Wear a compensation device for additional power
  • Ideal for thicker materials
  • Ideal for use at lower temperatures

For all other sealant tools, accessories and application guns please click here. We stock a huge range of high quality products which are suitable for use in a variety of environments, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team to find out more.