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Mapei – Mapeflex Firestop 1200 – Box of 12

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Weight : 8 kg

Colour : Grey

Product Description:

Mapeflex Firestop 1200 °C is a one-component, asbestos-free, quick-setting, rigid, silicate refractory fire resistant sealing grout, high temperatures and fumes.
Ideal for making rigid seals in chimneys, ovens, radiators, barbecues, flues and fire-break walls. Also suitable for pointing or for installation layers on refractory bricks when building or carrying out maintenance work on elements in continuous, permanent contact with flames or heat up to +1200°C, with temporary peak temperatures up to +1600°C.

Some application examples are rigid grouting of joints, for missing areas and installation layers for new elements in contact with flames or at very high temperatures when in service.

It is most frequently used for the following applications:
– ovens;
– chimneys;
– radiators;
– barbecues;
– flues;
– rigid fire-break joints.

Bonds to all porous, absorbent substrates after the contact surface has been cleaned and dampened with water.


Mapeflex Firestop 1200°C is a soft paste in emulsion which forms rigid grout when the water contained in it has evaporated off. When large quantities are applied, fresh
paste on the hardened layer may be required. Mapeflex FireStop 1200°C must be applied and left to dry at room temperature and then the substrate must be gradually heated up after at least 24 hours at +23°C.

Mapeflex Firestop 1200°C is a rigid, non-deformable sealant, Similarly to grout, it is made from sodium silicate and special mineral fillers and is completely free of hazardous toxic substances, such as asbestos.
When fully hardened, Mapeflex Firestop 1200°C is a class A1 non-combustible product according to EN 13501.

When Mapeflex Firestop 1200°C comes into contact with fire or heat it does not increase in volume.

Mapeflex Firestop 1200°C is odourless and contains no solvents.


Do not apply in these conditions , for instance –

–  On dusty or crumbly surfaces.
– Surfaces with stagnant water or with capillary rising damp.
–  Joints that are subject to cyclical movements.
– Or use on surfaces exposed to frequent contact with rainwater or high levels of humidity.

Other recommendations –

– Wear protective gloves and goggles when handling the product.
– Remove traces of excess sealant immediately after smoothing it over with a damp sponge.
– Different masses in the first volume of product extruded do not compromise the efficiency of the sealant.


Preparation of the surface for bonding or sealing all surfaces to be bonded or sealed must be dry or slightly damp, sound and free of dust, loose parts, oil, grease, wax, old paintwork and rust on metal surfaces.

Preparation and application of Mapeflex Firestop 1200°C – Insert the cartridge in an extrusion gun, cut off the tip of the cartridge, screw on the extrusion nozzle, trim the nozzle at an angle of 45° and according to the extruded width required and squeeze out the product in a continuous flow into the joint while trying to avoid air entering the joint.

To avoid the sealant seeping out of the joint and to get a more attractive finish, we recommend applying masking tape along the edges of the joint.

When pointing joints of refractory bricks on new or old structures, remove all loose parts to form a section suitable for the sealant at least 5×5 mm. Dampen absorbent substrates to avoid
the extruded sealant drying out too quickly.

On substrates at the surrounding temperature (up to +35°C) apply the sealant by extruding it from the cartridge with a conventional silicone gun & fill the section with sealant. After that, smooth over the surface with something damp, for instance, a sponge and remove all excess material before it hardens. After that, the hardened material excess may only be removed mechanically.


• For pointing joints: 5×5 mm section approx. 12 m per cartridge
• 10×10 mm section approx. 3 per cartridge.
• For laying refractory bricks: approx. 4 m per cartridge.


Clean all tools immediately after use with water.
Once hardened, the product may only be removed mechanically.


Boxes of 12 (300 ml cartridges)